Vivox, the leading player comms solution for games, now offers self-serve functionality and new, mobile-optimized features. This means more ways for your players to connect, collaborate, and communicate.

Vivox provides the best-in-class communication services for some of the biggest games around, including League of Legends, PubG, Valorant, and more – powering voice and text communications in over 120 countries, across 14 platforms, in over 850,000,000 minutes of conversations per day.

Vivox was founded in 2005 by telecom and voice-over IP veterans and joined the Unity family in 2019 to bring high-end communications tech to games and studios of all sizes – whether your game is built on Unity, Unreal, or another game engine.

Today, we’re excited to announce two new updates to the Vivox product: 

  • Self-serve functionality is now available through uDash and allows studios of all sizes to add in-game comms to their multiplayer games, in line with our suite of Unity Gaming Services products that are available now
  • Vivox has been upgraded to enhance the player comms experience for your mobile titles, bringing new features optimized for the platforms (and read on to learn more about these features) 
    • Automatic recovery system
    • Smart platform audio management

Read more on these features below

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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