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A visual symphony made with Unity

Johnson and Lessél also agree that the future of virtual live entertainment spaces, such as those built for Mass for the Endangered, is rife with potential. “It’s so interesting to see what we can do in this space to build more interactive music experiences,” Lessél remarks with palpable excitement. Johnson also expresses substantial interest in incorporating more interactivity in her future projects, citing a great degree of untapped potential for audience participation in both her past and future projects.

While Johnson’s work as CandyStations touches a number of different genres, one persistent theme among her projects is the use of Unity’s robust tools to build distinctive digital spaces. In Johnson’s own words, Unity’s best trait is the manner with which it helps her “play and experiment,” affording her the flexibility to create and refine her work.

Experienced in machine learning and image processing, Lessél admires Unity for its real-time pipeline and fast iteration speed, which allows her to quickly test and implement changes whenever artistic inspiration strikes.

The entirety of Deborah Johnson’s visual accompaniment to Mass for the Endangered, the main focus of this article, can be found on YouTube

Sarah Kirkland Snider’s Mass for the Endangered can be found here.

For more information on Johnson’s work, check out the CandyStations website.

Finally, to chat with the Unity community about this work, visit the World Building forum.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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