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Coming soon: Dedicated game server hosting and matchmaking for all

Stay tuned for new self-serve functionality added to Game Server Hosting (Multiplay), and the introduction of our new rule-based Matchmaker – both are included as part of Unity Gaming Services.

Building a highly scalable, server-authoritative, cost-efficient, and engaging multiplayer experience presents a list of challenges for most developers. That’s why Unity is bringing Multiplay and Matchmaker to developers of all sizes to help them connect and scale their multiplayer titles. 

Unity’s Game Server Hosting (Multiplay) and Matchmaker services are used by some of the most successful AAA multiplayer studios, such as Respawn (Apex Legends), and Innersloth (Among Us) to name a few. We are delighted to bring these powerful tools to studios big and small around the globe.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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