Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games: Part I
Ray Tracing Open Worlds in Unreal Engine 5

Aleksander Netzel, Senior Rendering Programmer at Epic Games
Tiago Costa, Senior Rendering Programmer at Epic Games
In this talk, we will show you different ways to use ray tracing on large open worlds in Unreal Engine 5, using the development of The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience as our guide. This mega-city represented 1.5 million ray-traced instances, making it a perfect launching pad for discussions of inline ray tracing and ray traversal optimization. 

Tech Talks

Required registration: Experience badge or higherAll of the tech talks will be held in Room 114/115 in the West Building. All days/times noted below. 

Future Skills for the Metaverse

Julie Lottering, Director, Unreal Engine Education at Epic Games

Meet the companies that are successfully developing immersive 3D content, metaversal experiences, and imaginative ways to engage audiences—from strategy to execution. 

Wednesday, August 10: 4:15 PM PT

MetaHumans & Digital Identity

Jamie Hurcomb, Education Producer at Epic Games

Digital humans are ushering us into a new era of self-representation which, combined with greater social engagement on game platforms, brings up myriad questions. We’ll share what we’ve learned in this unique look at design issues around digital identity. 

Tuesday, August 9: 1:00 PM PT 

Transitioning from Legacy Production to Unreal Engine

Brian Pohl, Technical Program Manager at Epic Games

Uncertain how UE fits into your pipeline? We’ll take a look at Unreal Engine’s operational logic and its similarities to the traditional production workflow so you can start working in UE5 with confidence. 

Wednesday, August 10: 3:00 PM PT

VAD: The Hub of Production

Panelists include: 
Joe Finlayson – Epic Games, Business Development Manager (moderator)
Daniel Paulsson, VFX Supervisor at DNEG
Sepp Sonntag, Virtual Art Department Supervisor at Pixomondo
Kristin Turnipseed, Virtual Production Supervisor at Lux Machina
Jim Geduldick – Director, Virtual Production & SVP Dimension North America at Dimension Studio

What happens during a paradigm shift? How do you blend the old with the new? In this talk, we’ll look at the rise of the virtual art department (VAD) and how it keeps virtual productions flowing as they transition processes from post to pre.

Wednesday, August 10: 1:00 PM PT

Creating an Animated Short in UE5

Daryl Obert, Senior Marketing Manager at Epic Games

Learn how to create a character-animated short in Unreal Engine 5 with a demo that covers the whole production from start to finish, highlighting the true power of real time. 

Tuesday, August 9: 3:00 PM PT 

World Building in UE5 with Megascans and RealityScan

Luis Cataldi, Lead Evangelist, Quixel at Epic Games

Worldbuilders rejoice, a new formula has emerged! Unreal Engine 5, Megascans, Quixel Bridge, and RealityScan—learn how these tools can help students, hobbyists, and developers start crafting the detailed/vibrant worlds of tomorrow…today.

Wednesday, August 10: 2:00 PM PT

Source: Unreal Engine Blog