Club Detention is a solo project of mine; an adult visual novel about managing a school and a hostess club. Don’t worry, the students are over 18 and already graduated from high school. In the story, you are a young but distinguished teacher, who has been banned from ever teaching again due to a public outrage by your previous methods. You are offered a final chance at entering the world of academia and becoming the headmaster of a secretive private Academy Vindiciae.

Currently, the game has an intro and a few small chapters and some light sandbox elements and serves as little more than a proof of concept for the people who might want to see such a game finished one day. I’m actively trying to gather some feedback and see who is the ultimate waifu in my game.

There is no forced NTR in the game now or in the planning. Your students can engage in sexual activities in the hostess club if you so desire, but can as easily abstain if you won’t let them do anything sexual. Each character will have their unique storyline and a romance/corruption route, and the club and school will have plenty of random and character events to keep both of your hands busy.

Here’s the graphical style you can come to expect:


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