Will summoning the ghosts of your dead relatives fix your broken life?

When you dived into your genealogical tree, you found a weird character. As you dig into his story, you realize the Baltic witches of his native land have magic powers that could help you meet this long gone ancestor…

Last drops of a bloodline is a story of ghosts and magic where you try to fix your life by summoning the family you never had… But will it change your fate for better or worse?


An interactive, illustrated short story by the team that made Breakfast on Trappist-1: Immerse yourself again in the atmospheric writing and weird multicultural stories of FormosaFalanster and the hand-drawn, lively and mysterious art of Lorenzo Boni for a short adventure that will bring you from eerie countrysides to menacing cities, with a good dose of supernatural. Play it for free and in browser at the following link: https://formosafalanster.itch.io/ldoab

Source: itch.io

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