Version 0.03 has been released. Multiplayer support has been restored and lots of quality of life improvements have been implemented.

You can play either on your local wifi network or with your friends online via Hamachi. There is a single map right now that can support up to 4 players, with a mix of whatever teams you like. Technically, there are no limits to the amount of players that can play on a single map, you can make a map with 20 player if you want / dare.

There is a heightmap and tile map importer that makes it easy to create nice maps in a short period of time using advanced software like MS paint.

There is a functioning map editor with a small tile set, but very few objects other than the default faction’s military assets. More will be added in the future.

The content in 0.03 version is fairly bare bones, but we’re working on a lot of new features, maps and assets that will be added in the near future.

Here’s some of the remaining building icons added recently. Currently, I’m not too pleased with the icons, yet I can’t spend too much time on each one. I think I will be tweaking the lighting, camera positions, and zoom in on all icons to increase variation and readability. If they don’t turn out to be satisfactory, I will be replacing them with clean renders on very simple backgrounds.

System Requirements (for now):

RAM: 8G or more
VRAM: 4G or more
CPU: At least 1
Hard Drive: Yes

Our current game is somewhat unoptimized and requires ludicrous amounts of RAM and VRAM, of which, the second one is more scarce. Just make sure you close RAM-hogging programs (like Chrome) before starting a match, or the game will politely crash itself.

The upcoming 0.04 Optimization update will solve this problem. Hopefully, by then, the game will be able to run on less powerful computers.

More features, units, maps, factions, and just content in general to come in future. You can keep track of progress here or follow us on Twitter, which is our most active platform. Link dump below.

Commander Rad

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