You are a boy with dark powers, who is playing games and then finds out there are monsters outside! So you deicide to defeat them to level up!

Here’s the game page:

Average playtime should be from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.


The World is made with grid-based movement, which feels very nostalgic and enticing!

The Battles follow a more traditional approach, with HP and SP. You use SP to use your special attacks. Oh btw there’s also the FLOWER special attack that can spare the monsters if they are weak! (And all monsters are animated!)

You can also ‘like’ Songs to add unique special effects to the Battles/World!

Oh and there are 4 different Color Palettes, all carefully done, one is EX (the default one), there’s also the Original, the Dynamic and the Color one! You can choose whichever you like and enjoy the most!

You can also choose the Game’s speed! From normal, X2 to even X3!

About the development:

I hope you like it! I’ve developed it with all my heart, Soul, Love and Emotions.

Right now I’m developing Chapter 03. The Demo contains only Chapter 1 but can last from 10 minutes to 30 minutes of gameplay if it’s your first time playing!

Here’s the game page:

I’ll be posting Devlogs from time to time here on Itch!


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