Traditional computer-generated imagery (CGI) offline rendering workflows can’t keep up with the insatiable demand for personalized visual marketing assets. The process is slow (therefore, expensive), and requires a complex production pipeline with highly-skilled 3D experts. Altogether it is time-consuming, costly and resource-heavy – none of which helps you get your product to market ahead of the competition.

One alternative is a traditional photography workflow, which requires a photograph-ready prototype of your product. This can be costly to produce, and late design tweaks can quickly render it obsolete. Getting the prototype and the photography crew to your chosen site, along with multiple external uncontrollable factors such as lighting, weather, and time of day, can easily put your photo shoots over time and budget.

Today’s marketers are under pressure to deliver fast – they can’t wait months for rendering specialists to create CGI, or afford expensive onsite photo shoots for prototypes. Importantly, neither of these methods allows for scalable production of customized image assets. Read on to discover how Unity Forma and Forma Render are streamlining the marketing content production process.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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