Our mission at Unity is to provide the tools you need to make your game successful, so that is why we are so excited to announce a suite of new tools and services that simplify any developer’s ability to create cross-platform multiplayer games. Say hello to Unity Gaming Services

Today, games don’t just launch, they live. Players are hungry for consistent content, feature updates, and functionality – and most games require support well after launch.

Supporting a live game takes time, energy, and expertise that many studios, especially smaller ones, simply do not have. We’ve listened to our community’s challenges in creating and running games and we’ve developed our new set of game-ready tools for studios of all sizes.

With just a few clicks right from the Unity Editor, Unity Gaming Services instantly brings multiplayer games online through seamless integration with Unity Netcode and Transport. The platform also includes everything developers need for live game operations no matter their size, including providing you the ability to sync game logic with Unity’s backend services without going through a heavy platform release process. 

Officially launching today, you can try several new services as part of our open beta. Unity Gaming Services is free to start with transparent pricing, and you only pay as your game scales. We can’t wait for you to dive in and let us know what you think.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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