The Entertainment Innovation Center (EIC) has introduced a unique interdisciplinary MS in Technology and Creative Innovation (MSTCI), formerly known as the MS in Entertainment Innovation. The program places a strong emphasis on the world of professionals, bringing together the brightest scholars and experts from the fields of art, design, engineering, technology, business, and management. The curriculum is wide-ranging, including everything from improvisational acting to building virtual worlds with Unity and other extended reality (XR) technologies. Through the program, students at the EIC learn to collaborate, problem-solve, communicate, and lead.

‍Students typically choose a specific area of focus within the MSTCI program and spend four immersive semesters learning the vocabulary, values, and working patterns of other disciplines, as well. This emphasis on acknowledging and understanding the creativity of others fuels innovation in turn. The EIC aims for a student body with the following composition:

  • 40% students with technical backgrounds
  • 40% students with creative backgrounds
  • 20% students with business/management backgrounds

‍Through a rigorous curriculum that includes training in creative development and technical skills, students from diverse backgrounds work together in capstone groups to devise prototypes and working proofs-of-concept that require creativity and collaboration across disciplines. Final deliverables can be mobile apps, transformational games, performances, exhibitions, products, XR experiences, or artifacts showcased at the annual EIC Playground.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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