A small role playing system which can be played with three dice, a D6, D12 and D8. There are three main stats: Body, Mind and General. Most rolls are decided by rolling a D12 and rolling less than or equal to the target number. Combat rolls and some special rolls are decided by rolling a D12 combined (to roll lower or equal to the target number to hit) with a D8 (damage).

The system is intended for one shots or short campaigns.  It’s fast running, light and the base of it is intended for future expansions and more adventures. To give a flavour of the system, optional Professions include: Doctor, Scientist, Outdoorsman, Soldier, Model, Secretary, Pilot, Occultist, Detective and Athlete.  Along with 25 skills, such as, Survival, Technology and Evade.


Source: itch.io

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