Hello naysayers!
Exciting news – the full version of Negative Nancy is coming to Steam and Switch on October 14th!

It’s been a long journey but it’s finally almost here. Soon you’ll be saying ‘No!’ to all kinds of people in all kinds of situations. Guide Nancy through a branching storyline across 4 episodes in this ‘choose your ‘No!’ adventure’.

Check it out on Steam!

About Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy is a choose your ‘No’ adventure for people who have had enough. An interactive narrative where you can only say “no” (or nothing at all). Your choices control the story.

You are Nancy, a retail clerk who can only say “no!”. You work a terrible job at Megamart with your best friend, but most of the time that’s the least of your problems. Annoying StreamTubers, delusional bosses, and angry customers so divorced from reality that they’re paying it child support. If they want to take you on they’ll have to get in line!

All the fun of working retail with none of the pay. You’ll be solving crimes, serving customers, making and losing friends—just like real life!


  • The world’s first interactive sitcom!
  • A binary choice interactive narrative where you can say ‘no’ or nothing at all.
  • Four deeply branching stories with many endings to find.
  • Unique and varied original sound track.
  • Huge cast of characters for you to deny and refute!

Source: Indie DB

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