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DarkSelf: Other Mind – Official Demo Trailer


DarkSelf: Other Mind is a first-person psychological horror game about the growth of darkness over time.
DarkSelf is about the Darkness in a person’s mind, and heart, it’s about what is reality and darkness together.

Play as John Parse over the years in his life and see the darkness grow over time and who he becomes.


  • Feel the darkness alive inside John’s mind.
  • See how the house change over the life of John.
  • See the memories of the life of John and why he became who he is.
  • Use the Items to discover things that the normal eyes can’t see.
  • Uncover secrets and Puzzles

That´s all for now. We hope you liked all the things we showed. We also hope you tell us your opinion. We need all the feedback possible to create the game you want in the Final Version of the game.

If you have questions to ask, ideas and thing to change in the game, just email to [email protected]

Note: This game is still in development.


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