Kenneth F. Moe, also known as Archanor, is a VFX artist and full-time Unity Asset Store publisher. After a long history of game modding and hobbyist level designs, he finally came across Unity in 2012 while working on one of his first game projects at school. Inspired by games, film, and other animations enjoyed throughout his childhood, Moe credits The Legend of Zelda and Diablo for having informed some of his earliest work. 

After graduating from INN University, Hamar, Norway in 2014, he discovered the Asset Store and eventually published his first asset, Magic Arsenal. Since its original release, Magic Arsenal has been updated and improved countless times. In fact, the asset’s initial library of 40 effects, which featured a handful of missiles, has grown to over 400 unique effects, including beams, novas, auras, and other shield impacts.

Despite his long list of published assets, Moe points to Epic Toon FX and Polygon Arsenal as some of his favorites. They are quite different stylistically, but both were created to cover a variety of VFX needs. While Polygon Arsenal is heavily focused on the use of mesh particles, Epic Toon FX uses billboards and hand-drawn sprite sheets. And as with his other particle assets, they’re meant to be accessible to all users.

As Moe puts it, “My philosophy is that VFX packages should be comprehensive, easy and fun to use.”

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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