Welcome to the poetic universe of NeJ. A snowy forest that speaks of friendship, music, silence and mystery.
In this puzzle adventure you will meet a young puppy with whom you will live an incredible story, which begins in the ordinary to open on the fantastic.

To save yourself from the dangers of the forest, you will have to go deep into your soul, transform yourself and become stronger, at the risk of becoming a monster in the eyes of others. Through the eyes of the protagonist, the themes of loneliness, friendship and self-defense are explored.

NeJ is a serene and evocative experience without any text, brought to life through the symbiosis of expressive hand-drawn graphics and a poignant original soundtrack.
Infiltration sequences, small puzzles, combat and mini-games punctuate this emotional journey.

NeJ is the first commercial project of solo developer Ben Lega, a mechanical engineer by training. Accompanied on music by Nowe Reginald, this project is their love letter to the video game medium.


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