Welcome to Clash of Splats or as we like to call it, CoS!

Clash of Splats is a first person shooter, defense-like wave game with a funny alien story behind.

Aliens from a far away galaxy have come to invade our planet, for one important and priceless resource that they lack and trully need, our PAINT! Yeah, you read correctly. 

You’re a Paintball player, very famous for your skills, placed in a paintball map, and the planet needs you. What’s your mission, you ask? Protect the paint cannisters on the map from being attacked and destroyed by the aliens. Fight against the space creatures and keep humanity safe, I mean the paint!

 You want to know more?  Visit our main page and learn more about the game and the in progress project.

Download, play and enjoy, but mostly give us some feedback about the beta and possible improvements for the final version of the Demo šŸ™‚



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Source: itch.io

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