Alright I know this is my second post about this topic but HEAR ME OUT, In the last post I said that you cant download the game right now but NOW  YOU CAN because I removed the pigeons alright summary of the game


      Alright a long time ago there was this Lil boy who lived with his dad and mom at the top of a snow mountain, but the prince of the country yelled too much in his presentation for something and an avalanche happened but only 1 thing was destroyed. the house, the Lil boy’s mom was killed in there now the Lil boy wants revenge then his dad was struck by a bolt of lightning while he was holding a box. THEN DBATLSO HAPPENED WHOOHOOOOO, 552 years later it’s 2021, and the Lil boy’s descendant wants to kill everyone and take over the country. why? well, find out in The Terror of Kimberly! but you can’t find out yet because I haven’t added cutscenes yet but still play it to find out if you do want to play it! it’s a platformer game unlike the first one


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