This is my second game I ever made and I’m so happy that my progress is keep going and I will be appreciated guys if you give me some feedback or recommend some resources or some videos to increase and improve my knowledge.

About this game: Green Roller

It’s just simple funny game you need to avoid the blocks and get scores it’s also will save your last high score as long as your are playing the game. (I’m sorry there is no button for start and pause the game I don’t know how to do it exactly, if you can help me or teach me I will be appreciated🙏🏻✨). 

The controller is simple also you just need to 

1-press the left mouse button or,

2- press W button in the keyboard.

This game is only working on the pc and only in the browser.

Here is the game link:

And here some pictures for the game:


If you touched the floor or the left yellow side you will die and the game automatically will restart the game


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