is a remake of the Amiga classic RPG Ambermoon by Thalion Software.

It is playable on Windows, Linux and Mac. You can choose modern resolutions and fullscreen mode.

The current version 1.1 is stable and has all the features of the original and even more. The game is in active development and may receive additional features and bugfixes (if necessary).

The game is open source and therefore free for everyone but I would be happy to receive some sponsorship here or on Patreon. It took me over 14 months of very hard work to make this game available for modern systems.

Ambermoon offers a huge fantasy world on several islands on the home planet Lyramion and also on its two remaining moons. Battles are round based with beautifully animated monsters. The game has 2D top down areas and also 3D dungeons and cities.

You can use all kind of magic spells, huge amounts of items and equipment and interact with all kind of interesting people. Some might even join you in your adventure to save Lyramion from an unknown danger.

I hope you will have as much joy with this game as I had with the original as a child back in the 90s.

Visit the game page here on

Thanks for your interest. šŸ™‚


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