Are you tired of all those boring Pong games you see online? 

Are you a fan of the Cyberpunk Neon vibe? 

Are you looking for a challenge, something more than just a normal boring Pong game?

With 2 gamemodes(Player VS Player & Player VS Computer), 5 colors to choose from(including an option to remove them which is very lame btw) and an IMPOSSIBLE game mode where the AI can calculate the trajectory of the ball before you even touch it, you are sure to have a fun time! (or break your pc but I’m not held responsible for that lmao)

The rules are simple, first to reach 5 goals wins the game!

The Controls? Even simpler! 

  • WASD – Controls Player 1 Racket
  • ARROW KEYS – Controls Player 2 Racket
  • ESC – To exit the game after you rage at the impossible mode

You can find this game here:


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