Hello! My name is Patric, and I’m the lead designer of an upcoming sci-fi survival adventure game called Aquamarine.
I’m so excited to say that my tiny dev team Moebial Studios is nearly finished with our game, and the release date is just around the corner. As we near the finish line, though, my expenses have become unmanageable. There’s just a small window of time where I need to work on Aquamarine basically every day, but there won’t yet be any money coming in. To help raise some cash, I launched a sale on Itch for two of my solo dev games.

BAD VIBES is a trippy tribute to ’90s-era shooters, and Blank Bit is a glitchy, twitchy deck-building platformer. They’re both very weird, very fun, and very 50% off! Or you can grab them in a bundle for $3, which is 62% off. Every little bit helps!

Thanks so much for reading, and if you aren’t interested in buying either games, maybe you could help with a retweet? I’ve been spreading the word on Twitter here.


Source: itch.io

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