During a repair job to the remote freespace station PIRAD ONE, you meet a unique group of social and political outcasts and quickly learn that some have more powerful secrets than others. There is a force working from the shadows – one commune member is here on behalf of DEXTRO-SINGLETON, a powerful corp willing to do whatever it takes to secure the station and a valuable asset hidden within it. When things go bad, will you aid the disenfranchised that call PIRAD ONE home? 

THE MOLE ON PIRAD ONE is a pamphlet adventure for use with the MOTHERSHIP sci-fi horror RPG out now with a load of digital assets for virtual play! It’s my first rpg project and is one I did nearly all the writing, editing and layout for me myself. Seeing it become a real thing has been such a rewarding process already. My favorite part is being able to offer premium physical pamphlet copies as a reward via Itch and I’ll mail it out to you (US only)!

Thanks to everyone who has been super helpful on Itch already in inspiring me and sharing knowledge!


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