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United States and Canada

We hire students in the U.S. and Canada every year. As part of this placement, students are invited to our annual Unity Global Hackweek. Living our value of In It Together, some students join an existing Hackweek team, some join forces with other students, and others embrace our value of Go Bold and work on individual projects related to their internships.  

Our student interns are with us for three to four months during the summer and contribute to all aspects of Unity’s operations. While working remotely during the pandemic, we hosted virtual happy hours, game nights, escape rooms, and other events so our students could connect with each other.


We currently hire students in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Lithuania, and the U.K. Depending on the country, we offer several different programs, from internships and placement years to student worker positions.

We host events locally and globally for students in these offices, such as virtual coffee catch-ups, quizzes, and more. Our students use these events to learn and grow professionally in a social setting.


Our China, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan offices welcome students onto their teams. We also have a China University Recruitment page for Chinese students interested in our Recent Graduate and Internship Programs.

These interns take part in quarterly student engagement activities where they have opportunities to interact with local business leaders and learn from each other about innovation, creativity, and diversity.

Recently, we connected our students in Europe and Asia through a variety of social events, demonstrating our value of being In It Together.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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