In 2014, explorer Will Gadd took a leap of faith and made several ascents up the highest free standing mountain in the world, Mount Kilimanjaro. With his ice climbing gear fully equipped, the Canadian climber was alarmed at how quickly the ice on the Tanzanian peak was melting. 

Six years later, as the mountain’s ice caps continued to rapidly disappear, Gadd returned for “The Last Ascent”. This time, with the help of eyecandylab and Red Bull TV, sharing his experiences and discoveries of extreme environmental deterioration with the audience, through augmented reality (AR).

The AR aspect of this notable documentary, made by eyecandylab using Unity as its development platform, allows the viewer to become an expedition member and explore the impacts that climate change has had on this environment through engaging real-time 3D content and videos delivered directly to the television via the Red Bull TV app.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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