Play with 4-10 players online to neutralize one or more traitors among the crew members. Exposing the traitors is vital, otherwise the crew will die!

Objective:Discover the Traitor!

– The task of the team is to complete all the tasks or find all the traitors.

– We must act quickly, otherwise the enemy will arrange a diversion.

– Track and observe other team members to identify the traitor.

– Instantly collect a vote after the discovery of a body or to discuss suspicious behavior of crew members.

  • When voting, you must cast your vote to expel the suspect.

Objective: Kill off the Crew

– The task of the traitor, prevent the team from completing tasks or kill all team members.

– Merge with the team, so you won’t be discovered.

– Use the robot assistant to sabotage.

– Break the security system and the room will become a trap.

– Shut down the crew’s vital equipment.

– Use the ventilation shafts to move quickly and unnoticeably around the location.


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