Hi everyone!

I couldn’t be more excited to announce the release of my first game here on Itch called The Myriad.

This is the first tale in a much larger saga that is unfolding throughout the course of the existence of a distant Universe, and in it, you will meet “Nepsis,” a mysterious disembodied voice,  and “Papu,” a reserved adventurous type (who is based on my dog) – two integral characters – and how the great machine “Myriad” came to be

While this is only the first part of the story and only covers the tip of the, it is an origin story of Nepsis and his dive into the perfect Labyrinth to understand and train Heroes.

The main goal is to reach the end; however, there are a couple of artifacts spread throughout it to help you reach the end –  one is more for fun, and helps provide a new perspective on the whole Labyrinth.

❖◈❖◈❖◈❖◈❖   Planned Content Updates   ❖◈❖◈❖◈❖◈❖

There are currently three planned, major content updates. These will add new events and content to the Labyrinth, extending the experience, and provide those who are struggling with more means to navigate.

  • Update 1 – The Labyrinth Awakens – The labyrinth will begin to go through some strange changes, and a new companion will appear to offer a new challenge and aid in the Labyrinth.
  • Update 2 – Extended Journey – ??? – The content for this update is currently a secret.
  • Update 3 – ??? – Event the title is a secret.

 These will come in relatively short periods from each other. More information for the first, and future updates will be coming next week.


I look forward to seeing how everyone performs as they delve into the depths of the maze.

The Myriad

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