Mirage Online Classic – Free 2D HTML5 Browser MMORPG Mirage Online Classic is a free 2D browser-based MMORPG developed using a custom HTML5 engine. The initial goal was simple… design a retro MMO experience that is fast-paced, responsive, and playable on just about any computing device, even exotic platforms like point-of-sale systems–no joke.

If you were born before 1990 our game’s name may sound familiar as we also developed 2001’s Mirage Online, which eventually went open source and was one of the most commonly used MMO engines on the internet spawning thousands of new programmers.

With three years of development, our aspirations have grown, but remain realistic. We understand our brand of MMO is a niche within a niche, which we are okay with. Throughout our lengthy beta journey, our community increased week by week with players who love the experience we provide them.

If you’re looking for a nostalgic MMO experience made by a team who successfully created that same type of experience two decades ago (back when it wasn’t considered retro) give Mirage Online Classic a try!

Play in Browser: https://www.MirageOnlineClassic.com

Discord: Mirage Online Classic – Discord Server

Itch.io: Mirage Online Classic – Browser MMORPG MMO

  • Free-to-play with no greedy pay-to-win shenanigans
  • Leveling should be a biproduct rather than the sole goal
  • Gameplay mechanics that are simple but difficult to master
  • Offers engaging combat with twitch gameplay elements
  • Impossible to make permanent character build mistakes
  • PvE and PvP players can exist together harmoniously
  • 14+ skills including: Fishing, Gathering, Adventurer, Slaying & more.
  • Leaderboards for just about everything interesting
  • Guild system with experience, levels, custom sprites and halls
  • Regular weekly/monthly dungeon releases
  • Quests involving more than just killing, fetching, or escorting
  • Community regularly takes part in the creation process
  • Playable on just about any operating system or mobile device
  • Butter smooth gameplay even on grandma’s old laptop or tablet
  • Requires no download or install to play, just a web browser
  • Takes player privacy seriously and makes security a priority
  • Passionate staff committed to the craft, not profit

Source: itch.io

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