It’s been suggested that I post a release announcement for my game here, so here it is:

Hotel Eleusis

This is an ADULT game which is not for everybody … I don’t really want to repeat everything that’s on the game page here, but this is less “game” than “interactive novel,” and less “visual game” than “text game that happens to have illustrations.” It also happens to have a lot of weird things buried amid its thirty-five possible endings.

As the page says, “It’s an interactive novel for the kind of people who would thumb through Choose Your Own Adventure books trying to find all the bad endings, and who secretly wished those bad endings were maybe just a little kinkier.”

The game’s listed as free, but I ask for a separate donation (there’s a reason for this separation, which I explain on the page).

Here’s a screenshot that I didn’t use on the game page:


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