Since December ’20 I’m working on a turn-based, grid-based Dungeon Crawler RPG named Sonucido: The Mage!

Today, I released the demo also on Itch! The game will be available on Itch and Steam for Windows and Linux.

Key Features

  • Replayability: Discover multiple endings and different paths through the depths of Sonucido.
  • Choices matter: Your choices have an actual impact on your playthrough and the endings!
  • Turn-Based Combat: Easy to learn but hard to master. No battle-dancing!
  • Slay Enemies: Defeat a variety of enemies with different weaknesses and strengths.
  • Exploration: Look around and find potions, optional side-quests, secrets and more.
  • Bold Game Design: No inventory management, no novel-length text walls, no 30 minute tutorial.
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