I have been working very hard on this game for a long time now, and I think its time to show it off so far! Pirates Land is a new game where you start of as a pirate in a stranded island! Food spoils, Enemy’s Lurk, And Weapons are essential. Multiplayer is added so you can create servers and have a massive crowd of people working with or against you! Form teammates join clans (In the discord) And also battle it out with weapons such as guns, Swords, Shovels, hatchets, and whatever you can build. Also build cool structures and buildings to impress friends and foes, Updates will come to the game so expect new islands, ores, gems, and weapons to come!

If you are seeing this please consider checking out the game! the link is Pirates Land by The Game Workshop (itch.io)

If you like the game please recommended it to others, and just maybe if you start a server I will join! 

Source: itch.io

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