Hey everybody!
 I’m inviting (asking? … begging??  LOL) you to check out my first indie game – Fireman! – inspired by LCD games of the 80’s but with arms & legs.  You need to bounce babies, aliens & bombs as they fall from a burning builing into either an ambulance, spaceship or bomb disposal van.  Don’t drop anything & also bad things happen if you bounce the wrong thing to the wrong vehicle!

I started making games way back in the 80’s when I was at school & was discouraged from working on games as family told me there was “no future in it”!!!  Fast-forward 25 years and after a long career in mainstream IT (financial sector), I’ve decided to chuck it & be an indie game developer!  This isn’t the main project I’ve been working on, but as a mini-game project it’s been a lot of fun to make & I hope you enjoy it.


Source: itch.io

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