In the entertainment industry, where working with various designs requires consistent feedback, the Spatial Reality Display allows the production and design teams to communicate with one another more concisely and efficiently. Implementing the display as part of the Unity review process streamlined the workflow and posed an opportunity for the team to see the vision realized directly in front of them and to make changes instantaneously.

The applications for using this new display technology for Unity workflows extend far beyond media and entertainment. The Spatial Reality Display can be used across the many design and visualization disciplines that Unity enables, and has broad uses for 3D visuals as a new medium for artistic innovation.

“Anything that I can use as a tool to be more efficient and to communicate concise detailed notes to artists is valuable to me,” says Audouy. “It’s an opportunity to really get on the same page in a design sense and show a director what you’re intending – it’s a really exciting piece of technology.”

Ghostbusters: Afterlife exclusively in theaters Fall 2021

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Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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