Formerly a freelance animator with vast experience at Activision, Explosive’s Kristopher Peterson has an impressive résumé. In addition to working as Animation Lead on the Xmen Legends series, Marvel Legends, and Wolverine Origins games, Peterson picked up prop modeling and worldbuilding before turning to Unity in 2009. That’s when he began creating some killer characters, and eventually, founded Explosive right around the same time that the Asset Store opened.

“I chose Unity because it was the easiest engine to integrate animation into,” explains Peterson. “Since then, there’s been amazing developments in the Engine, [especially] with the Mecanim Animation System and Cinemachine.”

Today, Peterson resides in Thailand, where he continues to create new animations with a focus on assets for RPGs. His former experience as a freelancer inspires him to craft custom animations at a reasonable price point, so that solo or small indie teams can similarly access his collections. The aim is to innovate, and empower others to do the same: “With all these new advancements, animation continues to merge art and technology [so we can] create great-looking, interactive characters.”

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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