Hi Everyone,
SPACE WALKER: FIRST CHAPTER  is out now! It has taken just over a year of solo-design work on Unity, careful script-writing and choice mapping, to finish the 90 minute science-fiction visual novel game. 

Space Walker is a retro sci-fi mystery/adventure game with an original script written by an Oscar long-listed, professional screenwriter and film director. You can see the trailer here:


A giant meteor will strike Earth in less than a year. This has sparked a race to industrialise the Moon and Mars and you are in the centre of the project. You play as Space Walker, an astro-engineer working for a shadowy corporation.

Choices come thick and fast, some with narrative-altering power. Ultimately you will have the choice to play as hero or responsible father, torn between your duty to your family and to your home planet.


  • Multiple dialogue,  action and puzzle choices. Unique pathways which alter the narrative. A genuinely gripping, fast-moving story with enigmatic characters.

  • NASA-themed missions based on official space walks and astro-engineering. – 90-120 minutes of gameplay (depending on your choices). Original, retro artwork. Epic music.

It is currently (until August 5th) free to play in browser or pay to play the desktop app at your leisure. It is my first game I’ve made entirely by myself, and I hope you enjoy it. I hope to gather support so I can write/design the final four chapters. 

Thank you,

Mavericks Games

Source: itch.io