It’s time for you to step out onto the pasture with your flock and see how rich you can get! Herder is out now on Steam!

Herder could be classified as a third-person action-tower-defense-herding-sim. Defend your flock of sheep and goats from wild animals using a variety of items and weapons. Migrate through beautiful procedurally generated pastures, selling livestock, milk, and wool to passing trade caravans. Keep your flock happy and healthy to continue breeding, milking, and shearing. Cash out at any time and take home your earnings, or continue the nomadic lifestyle until you’re so far into the wild that your flock succumbs to predators, starvation, or disease.

This game features:

  • Beautiful procedural alpine landscapes, the sounds of sheep in the pasture and the wind in the meadows.
  • Action-packed gameplay or the alternative, relaxing casual mode.
  • A mix of resource management strategy and action tower defense.
  • A friendly herding dog companion.

This is our first release, and costs about as much as a Café Latte, please be kind and enjoy!

Thanks and have fun!
🐐 🐏 🐐 🐏

Source: Indie DB

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