Albion Assault is a short shmup (shoot-em-up) akin to R-Type but with more emphasis on narrative and boss encounters built as both a proof of concept for a larger game and a narrative entry point into several related games in development.

Play in browser @ or check the itch page for the desktop version: Albion Assault by (

The story so far:

For years you and your crew of intergalactic space crusaders aboard the stolen star fighter FX-21 Liberator have waged a hopeless guerrilla war against the authoritarian Galactic Federation.

At great cost you’ve obtained the location of STAR ONE, the central control station underlying the Federations galactic planetary control network, and with it a means of doing lasting damage.

Powerful allies you’ve united stand ready to come to your aid. All you need do is give the order.


  • Arrow keys: move
  • X: Fire
  • Z: Bomb
  • Joysticks/gamepads will be automatically mapped, but you must start the title screen with the X fire keyboard key. If your gamepad is mapped inappropriately please reach out.
  • Alt+F4 to exit if you’re running the standalone desktop version


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