I was gone for some time after uploading my project Galaxy Craft. I am back now and more ready to do anything. I have Updated my game a lot since last time and I want you to see it :). Of course it is just a Demo still but I am working on the full version. But anyways let me explain my game a bit. 

You are Hero. A human that want’s to save earth from his friend that turned evil. In order for him to do that he must gather experience and better gear to defeat him.

Of course the following images are just the gameplay. But I have added a small story at the beginning.

You can check out some more info on the Dev logs and the Update Announcements I made on the Galaxy Craft page: https://theamgamer.itch.io/galaxy-craft

(you can download the demo there also :))

Anyways have fun šŸ™‚

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