Hi all. I just shared my first one-page ruleset. ENI (pronounced “any”) aims to offer a quick and easy game with an emphasis on the story created by the players. You can play with or without a GM. There are no stats, just features (companions, items, skills) that you can add to your character as you go along. Players will need a set of dice (+ 1 set for the NPCs). Your dice, which represent your health, get exhausted as they face challenges. You are managing your health and ability to act, and always looking for the exit when things get a bit too hard. Coordinate with your party to effectively defeat giants before they get a chance to act.

Go get it, like all my PnP board games, this RPG is also free: https://ex1st.itch.io/eni

This is all new to me, so any feedback would be very welcome, preferably here: https://rpggeek.com/thread/2700321/wip-eni-rpg-one-page-rpg

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