hello ! recently i have been working on improving and adding to my “kawii pixel icons” asset set !

so far, ive added several new icons and will continue to add to , and improve the icons.

currenlty, all icons (except for the cassette icon) are 32 x 32 and all new icons will be in this size. 

if you are in need of icons of different sizes, feel free to check out the paid pack – which permits users to adjust the resolution of icons – or let me know in the comments if you’re in need of different base sizes (such as 48 x 48 etc) to be included in future updates !

and if you have any icons you’d like to see in updates, please do leave some suggests on the kawaii icon page , i’d love to check em out ~

check out the pack here > https://nabrappy.itch.io/kawaii-pixel-icons

 thanks for reading !

 – nabrappy

Source: itch.io

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