I have decided to try my hand at procedural dungeon generation, check it out if you love rogue-likes! Or cardboard etched with marker…



The game follows a traditional rouge-like structure, except that it is first-person rather than overhead. Movement is turn based, including turning and attack. There are numerous items that can be collected in the depths such as food, weapons, potions, and of course coins. Each dungeon is procedurally generated at run time in <1 sec and is uniquely generated from a seed, with ~16 million dungeons possible.


The player takes time to navigate the dungeon, fighting monsters and collecting loot all while looking for the exit. Monsters can be attacked by moving in to them, or by using the attack button to perform a ranged attack with any ranged weapon. Some enemies and weapons will add a status effect which will modify the player’s capabilities or aid in their efforts. The Player can not spend unlimited time in the dungeon however, as it will shortly fill with deadly black magic! Hidden in each level will be a key and a locked chest that has better loot, if you can find it.

There are two main modes of gameplay: randomly generated and daily dungeon. The random dungeon will be different each time it is generated for a more traditional rogue-like experience. The daily dungeon is recalculated at midnight based on the system’s clock, and will be maintained for 24 hours. This allows players to replay the same dungeon multiple times, allowing greater mastery over a particular level.

Source: itch.io