Can you survive inside the fortress, and free the many prisoners (including your own girlfriend!) from their unfortunate fate?
Can you defeat the countless enemies and bosses of Darkness?
Can you once and for all defeat the Sacjdil organization, which was already
performing its grim business back in the Laxius Force days?

Play as up to 4 different parties – you can even play evil heroes from darkness!
One of the parties features Random and his legendary friends, from the acclaimed Laxius Force series – a long-time favorite of the Aldorlea community.
Have you got what it takes to defeat the Fortress of Hell? Play the game and find out!


  • 20+ playable characters
  • Play up to 4 different parties with their own dialogues and story
  • About 3-4 hours of gameplay for each party
  • High production values and quality “dark” atmosphere for a deeper immersion
  • Great interaction and replay value
  • Customize your characters – they get different boosts for fighting, killing enemies and using their skills and spells
  • Visible encounters
  • Mouse control and auto-saving
  • Explore a lot, read a lot – there’s a lot of things to do and discover in this game, reminiscent of the vintage quality that the Laxius Force games had
  • Grim atmosphere – don’t play if you don’t like this style


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