Dr. Atominus has been released for Xbox. Also, a new language was added some time ago and many bugs have been fixed.

Available now on Xbox!

Dr. Atominus is now available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S! It was published by Xitilon.

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Dr. Atominus is a short metroidvania platformer with a fun sci-fi story. Here is the Steam trailer:

New language: Polish

Dr. Atominus has been translated to Polish, thanks to Kubson103!

ss1 polish

ss2 polish

ss3 polish

Bug fixes & improvements

Many bugs have been fixed and some small things were added. Here is a list of them:
– Added coins to a certain room
– Added instructions for controller
– Now the music continues after setting sound off and on again
– Fixed small bug with using treasure chests with a controller
– Fixed atom getting stuck in a certain room if there was water in it’s legs and it couldn’t jump high enough
– Fixed grammar mistake “by any change” -> “by any chance”
– Fixed (probably) window going out of fullscreen or changing position
– Improved performance
– Fixed player getting key when it wasn’t supposed to get it
– Disabled room restart button in a room where it shouldn’t be used
– Updated Finnish translation

jumping on enemies

And that’s all for now. Hopefully Dr. Atominus will be on other consoles later too.

Source: Indie DB

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