Want a Free Basic Cursor Pack for your Games Cursor Collection? Here’s a pack of 26 Basic Cursors with the Windows 98 Style along with their Light-themed and Dark-themed counterparts. All the Assets have a dimension of 64×64 and are compatible with all the major Game Engines.

Link to the Itchio Page – https://void1gaming.itch.io/free-basic-cursor-pack

Why add a custom cursor in your game?

Just like every other aspect of your game, the cursor can be a great way to maintain and propel the theme of your game. Since Visuals are a key factor in deriving the theme of a game and cursors are literally the thing the players use to interact with your in-game objects the most, a custom cursor can make the experience for them even more immersive.

Grab this Free Basic Cursor Pack now and customize your games by getting rid of the boring default cursors.

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Source: itch.io