This asset pack will give you everything you need to make your very own 2D platformer


  • 21 different tilesets including: Grass, Underground, Sand, Snow, Ice, Underwater, Forest, Cloud, Volcano and more!
  • A fully animated player character with animations for Running, Jumping, Falling, Crouching, Crawling, Climbing, Dying, Swimming, Shooting a gun, being frozen, and many other actions.
  • Over a dozen different enemies such as floor spikes, icicles, quicksand, fireballs, iceballs, and others.
  • Dozens of different blocks from question & exclamation blocks to tiles for animated water, lava & poison; to many different kinds of crates including as TNT, Nitro and Spring creates, and much more!
  • Many decorations to spruce up the background like grass, trees, bushes, flowers, cacti, mushrooms, clouds, pile or sand & snow, and others.
  • A number of neat particles effects like explosions, sparkles, dust clouds and energy bullets.
  • Countless items and gimmicks like coins, buttons, conveyer belts, springs, pipes, keys, hearts, wind currents, etc.
  • A number of mockups showing how the assets could be used.
  • To top it all off, there’s a FREE SAMPLE containing 3 tilesets, a few player character animations, 4 enemies, 9 blocks, 5 decorations, 6 items/gimmicks and 3 mockups.

File Type:

All tilesets, enemies, blocks, decorations, effects, items, gimmicks and the player character come as PNG files. Mockups are the logo are GIF files.

Additionally, all assets come with their ASEPRITE source files. 

The assets in this pack my be used in any game engine for as long as and as much as you would like. You can also adjust, modify, tweak or otherwise all of the assets to your liking. They can be used in commercial or non-commercial projects. All I ask is that you please do not resell the assets. Credit is not required but is appreciated.



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