I’ve been working on this behind the scenes for a while now, and I’m excited to finally be able to share a major update : a new look, and a new name!

A New Name

The game is now called Mini Matches!

Why? Well, the old title “Watch This Space” was a fun nod towards the changing game modes and the ever-present instructions, but it didn’t make sense if you hadn’t played the game – and worse, it looked like a placeholder.

Mini Matches is short and catchy. It embodies the game better, and tells you a little bit about it even if you’ve never played. I think it feels better, and that’s something I’m excited about!

A New Look

Along with the new name, Mini Matches has a shiny new art style to match. I wanted something that kept the bright, friendly, and playful feel of what was there, but pushed it to the next level and made it feel more modern.

Updated Trailer

The gameplay trailer is now updated to the new style as well, check it out here:

Early Access

I wanted to get the new graphics in front of you as fast as possible, but this required a trade-off in functionality. In the current build, only 5 characters and 7 modes are available. Please be aware that there may be more bugs than usual as well as I work to stomp them all out. I’ll be working hard over the coming weeks to bring the rest of the characters and modes back as well – in a new and updated format!

Happy Mini-Matching,

Source: Indie DB

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