Hello everybody,
I wanted to share with you my latest effort made in a few months exclusively in my free time: a “rogue like/te” game. 

Technically it was written from scratch without the use of frameworks in plain html/css (no canvas) and of course a lot of javascript: it was quite a challenge.

It all started when I became passionate about algorithms to generate random mazes … then the project got a bit out of hand and this is the final result.

Another important thing is that I was able to buy all the graphics (which I personally find very nice, but I really love pixel art) by spending few money on the sites of professional enthusiasts who sell their creations (in primis itch.io): I write this because very often for us programmers it is precisely the graphics that block our creativity (and the desire to continue) because you can write the most technically excellent program but without the graphic assets made by professionals the final result will always be much less pleasant.

Finally, the game overflows with quotes or references to the masterpieces of the genre (or related genres).

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it.

Here is the link:

Here you can have a peek at the game in action:

Source: itch.io

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