it is an amazing game with a ton of updates, it has ten levels, which are amazing and really re-playable, the levels difficulty progresses in such a nice way, that it makes the final level hard but not impossible, its sound effects are so satisfying and the physics are smooth, its visuals are amazing, but they were taken from a tile set, the creator has made it even better somehow, the character looks and feels amazing to play with, and the dialogue, while short, is amazing for an indie game! its also has full screen and a 640×480 screen so it can be more accessible to play or record!

its speedrunning community is up and running, and its potential is insane, with tons of little improvements that could be done, we have only started looking at its potential (i couldnt find a good metaphor)!

its getting alot of updates, includng bug fixes new levels, and new power-ups! the devolper listens to feed back and tries they’re best to fix it, and with 2.0 coming very soon, i think this game deserves to get featured!

a scene from the game currentlya picture of whats coming to the update


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