The latest Unity Reflect Review update addresses customers’ most commonly requested features – annotations and visual fidelity – to improve collaboration and communication during design reviews.

In April, Unity Reflect evolved from a single product to a suite of purpose-built applications geared towards distinct use cases – Unity Reflect Develop for custom applications and the out-of-the-box Unity Reflect Review for design reviews.

Unity Reflect Review has been helping companies like P+HS Architects, an award-winning architectural practice in the UK, manipulate 3D forms in a real-time setting to conduct design reviews more efficiently than ever. To help our customers collaborate and communicate even further, Unity Reflect Review now offers annotations and improved fidelity, including more physics-based lighting contrast options powered by Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). The heightened visual quality gives users a better sense of the architectural space and ultimately helps drive alignment among collaborators during the design review process.

Source: Unity Technologies Blog

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