The first demo for Soladius is finally out! It’s meant to demonstrate the basic mechanics and such of the game, gameplay may be very different in the final game. 

In the demo, you fight off enemies in a large arena using an assortment of 4 guns. Rather than ammo, stamina, reloading, and all that, there is a single bar of energy that regenerates all the time and depletes on most actions. This makes it so that you have to also manage that energy while fighting enemies. 

The enemies are all currently melee and spawn progressively faster. Your goal is to kill as many as you can and get as high of a score as you can. If you can, please send me a screenshot of your score and time meter, as we are doing a contest right now as to who can get the highest score. Superporkchops, the other developer, is currently holding a highscore of something around 1980, so working towards beating that is a good goal, but they are not in the contest so you do not have to.

If you would check out my game it would be really appreciated, thanks!


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